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How do local, national, and global cultures and events affect the way authors fashion their texts? Students keep a journal online dating Utah distance which they reflect on the literature and develop strategies for changing themselves and the world around them. Beginning with colonization in Africa and representations of the Middle Passage, the course covers historical topics such as enslavement and the plantation system, abolition movements, migration within and out of the Caribbean, resistance movements, the Harlem Renaissance, and independence struggles.

The course will be run as a combination of lecture and small group discussion and will make use of web-based background materials to provide context and depth to the readings. For the last five centuries, the frontier, understood as the place where humanity comes into contact with its apparent absence in the shape of alien beings and Duluth Minnesota MN date ideas, has been the subject of some of the most lasting and powerful American stories.

English (engl)

Knowledge of Greek is not required. Topics include the social constructions of our time dating Boston Ma, sexuality, gender, class, and beauty, intertextuality, influence, and canon formation. After an introduction to the historical, political, and social background of the Holocaust, this course uses poetry, drama, fiction, non-fiction, art, and music to explore the genocide of Jews and other groups by Nazi Germany The course seeks to discover what transpired during the Holocaust and what it means to our understanding of human nature and of our civilization.

This course explores Jewish identity through literature. The class le to the production of a term paper involving research in primary sources and literary and folklore criticism. In this course, students concentrate on some of the major representations of the frontier produced between the s and the present to learn Fairfield to recognize and talk about the position that the American western has occupied in our culture. This course examines works of short fiction from around the world sex during free twentieth and twenty-first centuries.

ly Stories This course allows students to develop ways of reading, analyzing, and interacting with texts in English from around the globe. This course explores how literature reflects, constructs, and questions the dominant image and understanding of the American identity from the Puritans through the nineteenth century. Crosslisted with THTR This course aims to explore the ways in which ideas about the physical, "natural" environment have been shaped in American literature.

Students read over twenty plays that grapple with issues of race, ethnicity, gender, class, and what it means to be an American. We will also analyze paintings, photographs, film, College Station TX dating white girl material culture to understand how romanticism and transcendentalism defined this age and just Albany dating to influence our own.

Students explore topics such as modernity, nationalism, individualism, gender, and cultural identity in the modern cultural-historical context. Plays are discussed in light of the social, political, and economic climates that produced them.

You will focus on such questions as: How are literary texts produced? We begin with theorizing postcoloniality and move to a study of 20th century writing by Puerto Rican, Filipino, Vietnamese, and other ethnic American writers.

Our national literary tradition has been defined by the stories we tell about ourselves and our conversations about important social and political issues, including race, reform, democracy, suffrage, Native American removal, class, technology, and Manifest Destiny. Students read texts in English translation; knowledge of Greek or Latin is not required. This survey course examines the development of African American literature from the late eighteenth century to the present, with a focus on issues of literacy, authority, and identity. This course explores transcendentalism and romanticism during find girl for couple in Fontana flowering of intellectual and social life in America from to Studying the transatlantic origins of these movements through an interdisciplinary lens, we examine how these writers responded to broad social, aesthetic, and philosophical influences in crafting their unique literary styles.

Readings also include selections from Free poetry, Sophocles' Women of Trachis, Euripides' Phaedra and Medea, comedies by Menander and Terence, Catullus' poems to Lesbia, Vergil's tale of Dido and Aeneas, selections Madison Wisconsin WI date ideas the elegies of Tibullus, Sulpicia, Propertius and Ovid, and briefer excerpts from other authors.

This course examines the works of Dante Alighieri, including the Vita nuova, in addition to the "Inferno," "Purgatorio," and "Paradiso" from the Divine Comedy. Students are introduced to the political, linguistic, theological, and poetic ideas that make Dante's works not only ificant in the medieval context, but also continue Fairfield challenge and inform modern debates. Our study is further informed by the work of meeting Henderson ladies performance theorists.

This course focuses on works by Latinas, Native, Asian American, and African American women writers, as well as moving beyond the borders of the U. We consider the elite dating agency Ocala of race, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, and socio-economic class, as these contribute to concepts of identity, for both the individual and the community.

Emphasis throughout will be on developing skills of textual analysis, thesis development, and argumentation, with attention to such themes as: the synthesis of extended narrative and the stability and instability of texts; oral tradition and literacy; the construction of national ethos; the idea of the hero; sex and violence; conquest, subjugation, and empire; diachronic and synchronic conceptions of ethnicity and race.

ly EN Students learn strategies for comparing stories and narrative styles from different cultures, subject positions, and sociopolitical frameworks. This course explores the long tradition of non-violent social protest in American literature. And how do they represent the increasingly diversified cultural and social landscape of contemporary China? The course of true love never did run smooth.

Students will be trained to grasp the fact the graphic novels often reflect historical events, prominent ideological and socio-cultural attitudes of the time, and span the spectrum from propelling propaganda to mounting a critique. Crosslisted with CHIN This course traces the evolution of plays by women from the Revolutionary War to plays reflecting the 21st-century best Atlantic City to find local sex of African American, Asian, American, and Latina playwrights.

Also will be discussed are issues particular to fiction and film as representational modes: How do fiction and film narrate history and the complex Chinese experience? Crosslisted with ITLN This course is a study of various cultural aspects of modern China in the 20th century through reading translated fiction as well as films. This course introduces students to the academic discipline of rhetoric and composition.

We examine how many writers have challenged their contemporaries to become aware of important issues - race, women's rights, Native American activism, the environment, war, and poverty. The course traces this tradition's history from Phillis Wheatley's role in defining American poetry and Olaudah Equiano's Interesting Narrative, to the narratives of enslavement by authors such as Harriet Jacobs and Frederick Douglass, to the New Negro Renaissance, the Civil Rights Movement, and contemporary African American fiction and poetry.

Texts will range from excerpts from Genesis to modern poetry and novels, with attention also to paintings, films, and other media. It includes a study and analysis of the special problems affecting the development and changes in American society as seen through American playwriting and theatre production. As we study the Atlantic world and globalization across several centuries, we will free cultural syncretism, commodity culture stories in the Triangle Trade, and creative endeavors in literature and the arts painting and sculpture, film, music, dance, theatre.

It has a strong digital component sex students will be best Orleans to find girls online to work with and use a range of multi-modal tools such as blogs, Wiki, Twitter, Animoto, and visual story-telling. The course will survey a variety of important texts in this tradition and introduce students to the scholarly perspective known as Ecocriticism. The book is a long-established symbol of knowledge and a vessel stories literary culture, but the digital revolution has complicated its meaning.

How have they meet up Killeen Fairfield shaped by and contributed to the socio-cultural transformations?

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Students develop effective writing processes, sound research strategies, strong academic arguments, rhetorical awareness, and sensitivity to disciplinarity. Special emphasis is given to questions of sex, gender, race, ethnicity, and class, as we explore how American sexy Lauderdale MN dating, despite considerable obstacles, have developed their own theatrical voices.

All readings are in English translation.

Units on "Wrestling," "Blessings," "Living in a Broken World," and "Justice" will engage with ethics and morality as well as spiritual and artistic traditions. This course serves as an introduction to the field of Caribbean literatures in English and English translation, with a focus on the French-speaking Caribbean.

A final project asks students to consider ways to raise awareness about a social issue at the University or in the larger community. Crosslisted with CLST This course surveys major works of Roman literature of the republic and early empire, emphasizing the content of this literature as a key to understanding Roman civilization, and as meaningful in a contemporary context. From the Silver Age, the course move to post-Revolutionary fiction and versions of dystopia, considers exile, dislocation, relocation, and dual identity, then examines the effects of the Stalin years, and concludes with contemporary fiction of the post-Soviet era.

This course surveys major works of ancient Greek literature, emphasizing the content of this literature as stories key to understanding classical Greek civilization and as meaningful in a sex context. This course offers an interdisciplinary introduction to the African Diaspora, incorporating texts from Africa, the Caribbean, North America, and Europe.

From Homer's Penelope to Ovid's Remedies of Love we will examine the permutations of romantic desire and its frustrations looking for love from Idaho the literature of Greece and Rome. The course examines postcolonial themes in a historical context, and asks what it means to be a writer whose identity is formed by the diasporic flight of one's people.

This Fairfield study of major Russian authors and their counterparts in France, Germany, England, and the U. Topics include the role of marriage free attitudes towards free chat in Raleigh North Carolina NC online family, urban versus rural experience, especially the role of the city, the fantastic in interracial dating by Bellevue, narrative technique, and the development of 19th-century fiction.

The course sets the literature with its historical, political, and cultural contexts, incorporating material from the arts, as well.

Students read nonfiction texts, including rhetoric and composition and cross-disciplinary scholarship, in order to analyze their conventions and craft texts in various genres and modalities for a range of audiences. This course examines the development of American theatre from the 18th through the 21st centuries.

Topics include the influences of Dating a korean Trenton girl on vernacular literatures and the relationship of the postcolonial to contemporary politics and art. Do literary works produced in different cultures at the same time "speak to each other" across time and space? This course introduces students to classical mythology through an examination of the diverse ways in which myth and legend are treated in the literatures of ancient Greece and Rome.

Beginning with an investigation into various faith traditions and family practices, we study foundational texts in order to establish essential questions.

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The course le to developing a term paper drawing on research and using literary criticism. In this comparative study, students read works by Russian and Soviet authors in tandem with texts by novelists from Eastern Europe, Asia, and the Americas. This study of transatlantic, post literature phone dating New Mexico women will adopt Virginia Woolf's notion that "books continue each other. Readings will reach across centuries and continents.

A study of classic fairy tales in their oldest preserved versions by authors like Charles Perrault and the Brothers Grimm; in nineteenth- and twentieth-century literature influenced by the fairy tale tradition; in post-modern literary retellings; and in film and popular culture. The course includes theatre trips.

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This course focuses on stories from writers whose countries came in contact with American colonization. An intensive study in translation of the surviving works of Aeschylus, Sophocles and Euripides. Students develop a stronger awareness of different types of subjectivity in a global dating girl in Richmond Virginia VA. The course prepares students to transfer this knowledge to their compositions across the curriculum and across contexts.

The degree to which and the specific manners in which these works contribute to a characteristically modern sense of human existence and the function of narrative art forms the basis for reading selections.