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Moist, sweet and just simply enjoyable to eat. Dates are the original grab and go snack! address:. Odessa TX match profiles for free, best dates I have ever eaten, came across Rancho Meladuco on Instagram, bought 4 lbs. Got the order last week and already placed another order just now. They the Savannah dating ads whatever Costco was selling. They actually tasted like real, yummy, really yummy real food!

They also sent a beautiful package of seeds to entice the butterflies. I already ordered 3 boxes and will be ordering more very soon. Thank you so much. On my first bite I knew that this was how dates were supposed to taste. You NEED these dates in your life. As good as it gets!

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Yummy and healthy! Medjool dates are the ultimate healthy sweet snack treat and Rancho Meladuco Dates are the ultimate in medjool date luxury. Presentations are simple and sensible. I will plant them in the spring. I Pensacola legal online free them with my coworkers, some of which were not a fan of dates.

Must have! Never gave dates a second look. Rancho Meladuco Dates are superior to any others. I always enjoyed them but never thought there was anything memorable about them. My sister gifted my family a box of Rancho Meladuco dates one Christmas.

They were scrumptious. My poltava Tempe AZ dating, those dates are so delicious. The service is impeccable! Nice to know I can get great dates again. It takes serious willpower to keep myself from eating the whole two-pound box in less than a week.

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These dates were not like the tough, chewy, dry variety that I was accustomed to buying at the local grocery store. These dates are soft and tender, Delicious as it is possible for a date to be. Best Dates Ever. Delicious, we have already eaten 2 pounds. Will definitely be back again and again. I could live on these dates forever. Came well packed within 3 days and they are a treat.

Received these as a gift. Harvest is Underway! I also love them with some peanut butter and cacao nibs. Probably as exciting as raisins, I would have said. A wonderful, healthy, natural treat. They are the best! Not the over dried specimens in my supermarket. I have been buying my dates from Whole Foods for the past year.

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These blow every other date, and honestly, most any dessert right out of the water. These are so worth buying online. All that I have given as gifts were raved San Bernardino date spots by the recipients.

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Not at all the too-sweet weird hard bits in trail mix. Also, I dig the packaging and like the recipes and ideas you post on Instagram.

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Best dates ever!!! These were the most delicious dates I have ever eaten. We love them! Just incredible.

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Customer service is also prompt and excellent. Organic dates. Just had my first date with your dates! Best dates on planet earth.

Received as a Christmas gift! Thank you!!

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Best Dates ever. Have never liked dates up until now. I do share them and everyone loves them.

Had a question about a gift shipment and received an Detroit Mi online chatting free answer. Order Now! The Latest News. Dates give you the energy and nutrients your body needs, and they're delicious! Best dates I have ever tried!!!

Best Gift Ever. Absolutely obsessed. Ordered the organic medjool dates, have just ordered more.

I am obsessed and gifting friends and date night ideas Canton OH. I live in the pacific northwest and order these from time to time and they are such an incredible treat. They are wonderful!!!! This must be the dates that my southern Mediterranean ancestors enjoyed for thousands of years. You have educated my palate and I will never be able to enjoy any but the best.

The quality and freshness is incomparable to what you buy at farmers markets and Whole Foods. I have just ordered my 4th or 5th Box this year…after having suffered through an inferior box that my husband talked me into substituting them with -he said they were the same, only cheaper! So good, I ordered 5 more boxes of their 2lbs. Come visit us at The Date Shop! I am in love with Rancho Meladuco and their dates!

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THe dates are superb — tasty, rich flavor, tender and fresh. Soft, chewy, not too sweet, just right!!! These dates are as good as any I ever had there. I had heard legal separation in Glendale and dating things about this small farm but when the box arrived, the personalized touch of the packaginga handwritten note and recipe card made the purchase all the more special. Will be ordering again!

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Thank you Joan for the lovely care and attention to detail. Got these as a gift in Miami — Had them with mediteranian food, these gilf dating Appleton are better than ice cream!

Once they popped these soft, Caramel tasting gems in their mouth, there was silence and awe on how amazing these dates were.